Title: Healing the Self and Humanity: A Lebanese Woman's Quest for Peace and Compassion Amidst War Trauma


Ms. A, a Lebanese woman struggling with persistent anxiety and depression, sought an urgent appointment when her symptoms escalated, particularly her depression and insomnia. She vividly expressed her mental state as obscured, as if her thoughts were veiled, hindering her ability to concentrate. A sense of restlessness and disquiet had enveloped her, and even her meditation practices were obstructed by an overwhelming numbness.


Delving deeper into the causes of her distress, Ms. A unveiled a harrowing trigger – the recent outbreak of war in the Middle East. The news broadcasts that vividly portrayed the destruction and suffering rekindled traumatic memories from the 2006 Lebanon war. The sight of airplanes soaring overhead summoned vivid recollections of bombings and left her body tense with dread. She recounted a fateful night in 2006, when she awoke in Lebanon in sheer panic, peering out of her window to witness a nearby building collapsing and becoming engulfed in flames. The desire to escape the horrors that surrounded her was eclipsed by the painful realization that she was trapped.


The relentless imagery of destruction and loss on the news filled her with intense anger and a profound sense of injustice. She grappled with the futility of violence as a means to settle conflicts, recognizing that innocent civilians on both sides of the divide were victims of a policy rooted in the force of violence. Their pleas were simple – for the bombs to cease falling. Her heart ached at the perpetuation of hatred and anger, as she yearned to put an end to the war but found herself powerless.


She felt a profound empathy for the children trapped in the midst of conflict, understanding their yearning for ordinary lives devoid of the horrors of war. She expressed, "The young women trapped in the rubble and every child affected by this war were reflections of my own past." In her pursuit of safety, she made the decision to leave Lebanon.


Addressing her own healing, Ms. A voiced her frustration with antidepressant medication that seemed to provide little relief. In response, she was reminded that medication could only do so much; true healing required confronting the root causes. She was introduced to the practice of Tonglen, a Tibetan spiritual approach with the transformative power to turn suffering into compassion. The practice entailed breathing in the heavy energy of one's own pain, allowing it to touch the heart, and then exhaling soothing energy of loving-kindness to oneself. This process was extended to the world's pain and suffering, as the practitioner sought to become a vessel of compassion.


In this pursuit of healing herself, Ms. A couldn't ignore her profound compassion for the children affected by the war. She recognized that their suffering was akin to that of her own children, and her wish was to offer them hope and success. She saw the global community as one, sharing the same planet, breathing the same air, and experiencing the same pain. She felt compelled to bring awareness to the world, to infuse it with love, joy, peace, and compassion.

As she contemplated her role in this broader quest for peace and compassion, Ms. A expressed her desire to write about her personal experiences, thereby contributing to the collective energy of the community. Her aspirations aligned with the wisdom of Thich Nhat Hanh, who emphasized that everything touched by compassion begins to heal. It was a recognition that we are all citizens of a global community, with the power to heal our own pain, awaken our true nature, and ultimately work together to abolish war on this planet once and for all.


Embarking on the journey of healing trauma and nurturing compassion is a profound and purposeful undertaking. Ms. A has taken these steps, not only healing herself but also becoming a catalyst for the healing of humanity. In a world filled with complex challenges, her voyage stands as a powerful testament to the timeless influence of compassion and the limitless capacity of the human spirit.


Key words: Healing war trauma, Awakening compassion, Overcoming depression, Global community, Personal growth, Emotional well-being, Mental health, Peace and compassion, Resilience, Inner healing


Summary: Ms. A's inspiring journey reveals her path to healing war trauma, awakening compassion, and overcoming depression. Her personal growth contributes to a more compassionate global community, promoting emotional well-being and inner peace. This narrative showcases resilience and the transformative power of inner healing.


Paul Yang, MD., Ph.D.

Website: www.paulyangmd.com