Finding Harmony in Chaos: Lessons from Marital Discord and the Law of Karma


Mr. X, a 35-year-old father of a young son, has been grappling with ongoing issues in his marriage. One particular source of disappointment arose when his wife disapproved of him taking their young son to visit his parents. Frustrated and seeking answers, Mr. X stumbled upon a powerful message in a book: "You cannot change people. You change yourself." This resonated deeply with him and sparked a newfound determination to be a humble student in the classroom of life. While he used to attribute his marital issues solely to his wife, he now realizes that true harmony and growth can only be achieved when we embark on a transformative journey of self-change.


During a phone conversation with Templeton Investment regarding his retirement fund, Mr. X put the lessons he had learned into practice. He chose to be patient, friendly, and polite. He shared jokes and laughter with the agent, who, in turn, thanked him for being a wonderful customer. This experience reaffirmed his belief that the way we interact with others can have a profound impact on the outcome of our interactions.


Moreover, Mr. X encountered a thought-provoking complaint from his neighbor about the perceived unfairness in society, where illegal immigrants receive free medical care while hardworking taxpayers like himself struggle to afford their own health care. He exclaimed that the world is a messy place. I suggested that beneath the chaos, there is an order—an order governed by the law of karma. He found solace in this deeper understanding.


Drawing from his Buddhist background, Mr. X recognized that the law of physics governs the physical world, while the law of karma governs the spiritual realm. He understood that give-and-take is a two-way street in the realm of karma. The choices we make and the energy we put out into the world have a way of coming back to us. This realization provided Mr. X with a fresh perspective on his own life and relationships.


Reflecting on his past interactions, Mr. X noted that when he was kind and considerate to his coworkers, they reciprocated in kind. For instance, when he was late for his flight, his coworkers offered him a ride, demonstrating the power of the law of karma in action.


Intriguingly, Mr. X also witnessed the influence of karma within his own family dynamics. His young son asked for his mother during a walk. At that moment, Mr. X became aware of an angry thought that he was harboring. The beauty of the summer day suddenly revealed itself to him as he embraced the present moment. Fully engaged and playing with his son at the playground, he noticed that his son no longer asked for the mother. It became clear to him that his son, too, was a teacher, helping him to recognize the significance of his own thoughts and emotions.


In conclusion, the journey to finding harmony in the midst of marital discord can be challenging. However, through cultivating kindness, building positive karma, and engaging in self-growth, transformation and connection can be achieved. Mr. X's experiences serve as a testament to the power of navigating conflict, seeking balance, and embracing personal growth. Humbly learning from the lessons of our lives, we can begin to unravel the secrets of finding harmony within the chaos and achieving long-lasting happiness.


Keywords: Marital discord, law of karma, harmony, lessons, self-discovery, transformation, connection, navigating conflict, balance, understanding, growth


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Paul Yang, MD., Ph.D.