Paul Yang, MD., Ph.D.



Title: Expanding Perspectives: Unlocking Your Life's Higher Purpose


Mr. X, a 32-year-old tech lead software engineer, has been grappling with anxiety stemming from work-related stresses. Taking a one-month vacation to visit his family in India with his wife and young son, he found himself feeling anxious and unmotivated upon his return. The disruption to his daily routine and the weight gain during the trip added to his distress. He expressed his dissatisfaction with his life, describing it as messy and lacking excitement and direction.


Further exploration revealed that he had been assisting another team in debugging their project at the request of their manager. This extra responsibility took away valuable time from his primary assigned project, which he was supposed to plan and lead. To his surprise, he discovered that the very team he had been helping had come up with a plan that seemed to overlap with his assigned primary project. Concerned about falling behind and potentially losing the project to another team, Mr. X became increasingly anxious. He worried about the impact on his performance review, promotion prospects, and compensation raise.


In an attempt to address the situation, Mr. X expressed his intention to raise the matter with his manager and director, aiming to clarify the overlapping projects and allocate more time to his primary assignment. Sensing his anxiety, I encouraged him to take a step back and adopt a broader perspective. I advised him to let go of worries about the future and instead focus on the spaciousness of the present moment, where everything becomes smaller and less significant.


Guiding him through mindfulness practices, such as paying attention to his breath and senses, Mr. X gradually found calmness within himself. Centered in the present, he realized the importance of pursuing his life interests, particularly in the field of AI, instead of being consumed by concerns about losing his current projects. He embraced the mindset that if his project was taken away, he would find another meaningful project to work on. He committed to investing more effort in aligning with his long-term goals and interests.


Often, our ego-driven minds lead us astray, causing distractions, conflicts, and worries that obscure our higher purpose in life. In Eckhart Tolle's book, "The New Earth: Awakening to Your Life's Purpose," he differentiates between ego-driven purpose and primary life purpose, which aligns with the evolutionary purpose of humanity. Accessing our higher purpose requires being fully present and having an open and spacious mind. By practicing stepping back into the present moment, we can expand our perspectives. Looking beyond conflicts and distractions, we can pursue what truly matters, liberating ourselves from the traps of the ego mind and leading a more satisfying and fulfilling life.


Keywords: expanding perspectives, higher purpose, life's purpose, mindfulness, self-discovery, self-alignment, work-related stresses, finding direction, motivation, pursuing interests, ego mind, present moment, personal growth, fulfillment, satisfaction