Dr. Yang’s therapeutic orientation centers around mindfulness practice, integrating various modalities including Dialectic behavioral therapy, Mindfulness cognitive behavior therapy, Mindfulness stress reduction program and Acceptance commitment therapy. With empathic care, Dr. Yang engages patients in a healing therapeutic relationship. His treatment aims go beyond symptom reduction or return to pre-morbid condition. Instead, he encourages patients to utilize crisis as a stepping stone to reach for higher goals and achieve full potential that would not be otherwise possible.

By helping patients mapping out where they are in the recovery stages, he motivates them to embark on the recovery journey. In therapy, Dr. Yang encourages patients to build on strengths, rather than falling victim of the overwhelming anguish and predicament of life situations. Dr. Yang sows the seed of hope within the individual and empowers him/her to make choices and engage in action plan to get well. He facilitates cultivation of mindfulness and positive emotions such as acceptance, forgiveness, gratitude and letting go so that an individual can live a meaningful life with the capacity to love and be loved.